Create a UX from multiple table sources


I have (3) different tables or tabs in my spreadsheet that I would like to put into (1) UX view in AppSheet. I do not want to merge all this data into (1) spreadsheet tab because all (3) tables or tabs will be used for different purposes.

For example, when a user clicks the “plus” button they will fill out all the information needed for the 1st table, then click next, and fill out the information for the 2nd table, then the 3rd. Is their a way to do this? I’ve searched many forums and videos, and couldn’t find anything similar.

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To move between forms like that, you need to set up LINKTOFORM() actions and assign them to the form save actions (also called Event action).


Thanks for the quick response @Bellave_Jayaram! I will give it a try. :+1:

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