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Hi community…
I try to create new action, the type of action is (App:go to another view within this app). Please How can I execute this action?
Thank you in advance…

Hi! I believe this article will help. This article explains everything better than I could. In the article look particularly for the “LINKTOVIEW” formula.

Create new physical column, let’s say [triggerAction] and set the type as Number and initial value as 0.

Then create action to add +1 to this data filed, when action is fired by using change the value of the column type action.

Then create new action to go to another view using linkedtoview () expression. Hide this action, but set this action is only runnable upon UPDATE only for this table/rows.

Also run this second action only when : -

[_thisrow_before].[triggerAction] <>[thisrow_after].[triggerAction]

Add above quick expression into behavior session of the action.

When user hit button, incrementally add the value which is going to be recognized as UPDATE by appsheet. Then this meet condition to trigger second action to go to another view.

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Thank you about your detailed response
Please let me explain main idea, The suggested scenario:
I tray to create App about maintenance workshops for public users where I have two tables
Parent table represent type of vocations consist of 148 rows,
Child table represent the details of the workshops consist of 12000 rows and may be gradually increasing.
I tray to create slices in child table according to vocations in parents table where will be have 148 slices.
In App, I am planing to create UX for (parent table) in starting view and I tray to enable users to choose any vocation from starting view in order to transfer them to the map included the slice of the particular vocation to send the repair request.
Thank you in advance.

Do your parent table vacation have latlong for each row (vacation) ?

There are few ways and turnaround to achieve your goals.

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Yes there is LatLong.

Quickly created a sample for you as reference point.

It is available from my portfolio.

When the user open the app, new form to pop up automatically, and also the dropdown list to select the vacation is also activated.
Select the vacation and hit view vacation. This trigger the action to go to filtered view, i.e. the selected vacation.
Within detail view of selected vacation, the workshops list are nested.
Click the pin in the map, the user go to the map view.
Click the line item from the workshop, then open up details.
To select the different vacation, press the main menu, filter view and repeat the same actions.

Make sense?

There are another way to display the vacation along with related workshop, like using interact dashboard etc.
This means how Appsheet is powerful to do the same things with different actions and UIs.

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Thank very much.

You are welcome.