Create an Org Chart

I am looking to create an organizational chart from my excel spreadsheet within the app. In the first column i have the employee, the second column has the employee in which they directly report, and the third column has if they are a full time or temp employee.

My goal is to create an interactive org chart in the app that you can edit via original excel source data as well as have formatting rules for FT/Temp employees.

Is this possible?

Hi Matt,

I don’t believe we have a visualization type which is well suited to displaying a branching organizational chart as of yet.

It would be possible to capture the data and view it as a linear/tiered hierarchy in a simple table or deck though. You could also build a view which centers on individuals and shows their upward and downward reports, but I can’t think of a good solution for node hierarchy visualization for more than one node at a time.

Here’s an earlier thread exploring the same issue you are experiencing, doesn’t look like anyone arrived at a clean solution for building a visual org chart Hierarchy Views

Any ideas, clever forum lurkers?

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If you send me your email at I can add you as a coauthor to an app which demonstrates how to set up a hierarchy data structure, minus the tree visualization piece.

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I’d love to see what you came up with.

Feel free to shoot me an email and I will send it your way as well! I cannot take credit for this solution however, one of our SAs created it.

Hey Hayden!

This is my email. Thanks for thr help!

  • Matt

Yep, that’s pretty much the only “real” approach. And, it’s what we currently do. Basically crawling the detail views… I’ve seen some crazy trickery with dashboards and virtual columns, but it was pretty dang messy.

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Hi Hayen, can you add me as well siriuslea at