Create app to document situation and create a pdf out of it

Hey guys,
I’d like to create an app with the following functionality:

  1. Fill a form (text & checkboxes)
  2. Add pictures
  3. Add signature
  4. Create a report of it (pdf)

My approach was:

  1. Create google form
  2. store results in google sheets
  3. transform content from google sheets to a pdf

However I’m experience some constraints

  1. Images: I can only upload images if I have an account (which I don’t want to have
  2. creating pdf: what’s a good way of creating a report based on the text + images


AppSheet requires an account with a supported cloud storage provider (e.g., Google) to accept any app captured files or images, and to generate PDFs and/or email that include captured files or images.

See also:

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