Create Children On Save


@praveen I tried it out, and my app just won’t save. I’m effectivtely duplicating about 9 columns of a record from my PM table into my RO table. It never shows the progress bar, so nothing saves. What could be causing this?

Hi Kolbi, Not sure I understand. When you say “my app won’t save”, I’m guessing no change actually was made and therefore there is no change to sync.

Easiest way to help may be if you send the app details to Thanks

What happens if the data in the parent table changes, could the copied row change as well?

Not inherently. You would have to add functionality to your app to accomplish this, such as virtual column or an action.

So the action works. Do you have any suggestions on how I can make it create multiple records based on a column number in my parent?


@School_Bus Were you able to figure it out? I am looking for a similar need where I need to generate children records based based on a calculated list.

Well this is what I did