Create Copies of Google Slides and Google Sheets templates with Actions

I’d like to be able to Create Copies of Google Slides and Google Sheets templates with Actions.
Without having to use complex Webhooks.

I’m curious to know your use case where this feature would be beneficial. Could you describe it?


Hello, thanks for asking. Currently all our system is based on Apps Script and Sheets, but I’d to migrate to AppSheet.

In our company we have some Google Slides Presentation Templates that user needs to use depending on the topic he is going to present to our leadership.
When he clicks a button to create presentation, the script automatically generate a copy of the template, modify the name, save in a specific folder and the copy opens to the user edit as he wants.


Hi Caio,

I have a similar case.
Did you find a way to achieve this?


I didn’t see this response from 5 months ago or I would have offered this suggestion then.

You can create a trigger within the Google Script to run the script process based on a sheet change. I would tie a row in a sheet to an AppSheet button that toggles a value - say from false to true.

The script triggers on a sheet change and then inspects that the button value has been set to true. If so the script continues with its normal routine to create/copy and when completes, resets the button value to false.

If not, i.e. the button value is still false, then the script exits early without doing anything.

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Appart from the script, I was interested to know if AppSheet is able to generate google slices based on a template like currently possible with Google Doc, Excel and Word documents.

I assume you meant “slides”. Unfortunately the answer is no, not at the present time.

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