Create email template button gone?


Since a little while back I haven’t seen the create email template button, is it moved?

There used to be the button here, now not here?

Please try to save the workflow first by adding a few initial details such as workflow name and an email address in the “To” setting of the workflow pane.

Thereafter if you open the workflow setting pane again, you will see the “Create” button.


That is an existing template that I was using until I made changes, tried to create a new template to see what was missing and wasn’t able to. A few weeks ago however I was able to.

I even have made a new email workflow and tried to copy it to a new one on the same table to try get the template and still nothing.

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Oh okay. Thank you. In that case someone else may have input for you. I am able to see the create button. As an attempt, you may wish to clearing the browser cache once.


Please contact for help with this. It may be a bug.