Create file folder patch from another folder

i would like to set folder paths from different folders in the drive.

as we have one AppSheet/data path in that i have two different folders of two different apps, now how to fetch files of each other app.

like app A created files store in AppSheet/data/A/folder name

via app B how to fetch this file for open file action?

or the second thing is automation via schedule time only work with the pro plan?

Hi @sunil_prajapati

You may want to use a TeamDrive folder.
You can find more informations here:



Create a shortcut to the app A folder within app B’s appsheet/data tree.


will try later i think this will work but now i am working as data base one and aap are two i have modiefied data directory of B as app A aready have. so now app data derectory in now empty,

thanks a lot @streve appsheet team,