Create File Template for a long multi-table form

This is my first post. I am truly enjoying learning AppSheet.

I have built a fairly ambitious App for my first go-round. It is a very long form (used to be on paper/clipboard), with 400+ questions spread across 10+ tables (plus more children photo tables). I am now working on preparing the output File/Report.

I see how it is possible to loop over different records (rows), using the Start/End construct, and selectively turn on/off sections using the If/EndIf construct. However, my desire is to loop over the entries (column cells) within a single row (then loop through the child tables listed in the refrows). Analogous to other scripting languages, I am wondering if there is a way to loop (For Each…) over the array of column headings (and their descriptions)?

Or is there a way to copy the desired record, with its children, into a dummy table (transposed so that each entry is a separate row, then use the Start/End construct)?

I originally created the Column Descriptions using an AppScript to grab from a Lookup table to populate the heading Comments - is there a way I can use this same table to loop over the Column heading names?

I realize this is more than one question in a post. I’m just trying to find a simple & trusted way to accomplish this, so that the end result is not fragile (there is potential that the headings could change or more added, so I don’t want to keep doing manual edits if there is a loop that will capture it automatically).

I have watched several videos and pored over the community boards, and not located a solution.
Thanks in advance for your advice!

No, each column must be referenced explicitly.