Create menu view that limited to user role and trigger workflow

Hi everyone,

I need your help. Can someone assist me about my problem?

I want to create a menu view that will trigger workflow.

so that when user click the menu, it will trigger workflow. and i want this menu to be seen by user based on their user role.

I hope that i can find the solution.

thank you

To trigger a workflow, a change must be made to a table, so when the user clicks on a menu option, the menu option must perform an action to make a change to a table. The workflow will then notice the change and take action when the app syncs.

Some behavior can be accomplished simply by using actions rather than workflows. What are you trying to accomplish?

Views can be shown or hidden by including a Show if expression in the view’s configuration:

@Steve, thank you for your solution for user role.

basically what i want to accomplish based on my workflow trigger question is that when user click the menu it will send the whole data in database to the email automatically.

It just that my current subscribed plan has limit , so i cannot use the ‘Reports’ feature. so, i’m trying to maximize all the features that i can use in my subscribed plan.

That is possible with a workflow, and a workflow is in fact the appropriate way to approach it.