Create month selection to put the data in another google sheet

Hi guys,

Eacht month 2 or 3 collegue’s have two add customer data to monthly google sheet.
Jan,feb, may etc. I created a dropdown so the can search and add the customer, everything is working. But this is only for one month, is it possible that the first have to select the right month and the dropdown place’s the data in the right month google sheet tab?

And if possible the current views also have to change to the right month.

Or are there other option, how i can fixed this.
Can you point me in the good direction.

already thanks.

To clarify, you have an independent Google Sheet for each month?

If so, I would ideally combine those into a single sheet and create a column for [Month] - this would make your data structure a little simpler for your app. You could then create a security filter on that single table to give users access only to data from the current month.

But if you need to maintain those independent sheets, and only want your app users to access the current month, you could connect each sheet, build a view/form for each, then set a ‘show if’ condition on each view, so that only the view for the current month ever shows.


Hi Peter,

I have one google sheet, Named All months, and that sheet have tabs of all months jan,feb etc etc.
And what i want to create is that our employees can first select the month where the want to add the data of our customer through a dropdown. So i you have any idea’s :-).

Your idea about building a new view/form for each month is maybe also an solution.
So i tested it and it is possible, but then for each month i have to build de column structure and setting, view settings etc etc. Is there an easier way or… because then for each month i have to test everything and if have want to make an improvement i have to change all month.

Hopefully you can help me…

Already thanks.