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I am working on an Inventory App.
Under the Behavior category I have created two actions, one to simply add a quantity to inventory on hand via formulas on the Inventory sheet, and another action to register this addition via LINKTOFORM() formula which simply registers this transaction to another sheet. It works perfectly but I would like to simplify this process to make the user just press one action. Currently the user has to press the “add stock” button and then “register the transaction” button to complete the task. Is there a way to simplify this two actions into one? I tried adding an additional LINKTOFORM() formlula of the second action but it does not work.

It would be convenient if one could chain multiple actions by specifying on the same Action creation task.

There is an action type called “Grouped: execute a sequence of actions”.

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Thanks Marc. I found the Grouped Action.
Unfortunately it only executes one action and ignores the other. If I reverse the order of the actions then it works but one of the columns needs to be changed by the user before the second action takes place and this cannot be done.

Ok. I’m not completely understanding how your actions are working. If you can please provide further explanation and some screenshots I’m sure we can figure out a solution.

Ok, I am attaching
Main Action first

Then I add the quantity to inventory

Then I register the Transaction.

Here is the expresion:

If I reverse the order of the ACTIONS, so I can edit the Purchase Quatity first, the the action only registers but does not add to the inventory.

Ideally I want first ask the user to change the order quantity as part of the sum of actions, but if I add and action to edit the inventory row then it only completes that and does not move to the next action.
Add to the inventory
Register the transaction.

Here is a look at the inventory sheet

I can’t remember all of the specifics but I remember reading on another thread not to long ago something about navigation links in grouped actions would break the overall action, but I don’t remember what their solution or work around was, nor can I seem to find it again. I feel like @Steve was apart of it though.

As @Bahbus said, any navigation (LINKTO…) actions must be the last thing on a grouped action, so this explains what you saw here.

With only a quick glance at your actions and functions, it seems like you set them up properly, I’m not sure why they aren’t working right. I’ll have to take a deeper look a little bit later.

However there is another solution to your issue, and that is a change in your overall inventory solution and table structure. You already seem to have child records for every inventory change, so instead of directly modifying the inventory amount, you can create a virtual column that sums up all inventory changes for each item. It is a standard inventory management practice, you should be able to find more info with some searches.

I can confirm that the LINKTOFORM() is stoping the ACTIONS. Seems like a BUG that should be fixed because it restricts the ability to simplify the process.

@Marc_Dillon: I will read about the virtual column stuff and see if changing the structure can help. But the ability to do multiple actions seems like a basic function that should be resolved on its own merit.

Thanks to all, will report if I find a solution

Correct: a grouped action ends at the first performed navigation action; remaining actions will be ignored.

Thank you @Steve, is there any hope that this will be improved so that Multiple Actions can be performed as needed?

I’m afraid I don’t have any insight into that; I’m really on the periphery of the company. :frowning:

Why are you using two actions? It appears both actions modify the same row of the same table. Why not just include the add-stock column changes to the register-transaction LINKTOFORM() expression?

By using two separate actions (and everything worked as you wanted), you run the risk that the add-stock action will occur but the register-transaction doesn’t (perhaps the user cancels out of the form), leaving the added stock without the transaction registered.

Thanks, I have submitted the issue to support; will see what they have to say.

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