Create multiple filtered charts from a single filtered slice

I need to create filtered charts for several people from the same slice, example: I have 100 sellers with 3 products each, I created a slice to generate a chart that shows me the sales of each seller but I don’t want all the sellers in a single chart, I want a chart for each vendor, how can I create a filter for that single slice so that I can generate 100 charts for each vendor.

I know the easy solution would be to create a slice for each vendor but I don’t want to create 100 different slices

HI Cristhian,
The known solution is still probably the best approach for now. Not the most efficient and easy to maintain, but it works reliably.
However, we are definitely working on a new version of the chart authoring experience that we hope will give the design time filter capabilities you are seeking. We are probably not looking at releasing it until Q4 as we are doing a major overhaul of the Charting library and the underlying architecture to support design and user run time filtering.
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Thank you for your clarification and I will be looking forward to the updates

You may want to take a look a the following alternative approach, if you do not want to see all those 100 charts simultaneously . The approach needs only one slice. However at a time only one chart for one seller will be visible based on seller name selection.

You could use the approach described in the sample app below. The sample app creates the slice first and then charts based on “Color” selection. You could instead create slice and then charts based on seller’s name selection.