Create multiple records in Bridge Table from action in another table

I have the following setup:
Map view of Meters with GPS locations - referenced to a table called LaramieCoMeterInspections (One-to-Many relation)
When selecting a meter on the map I have an action where I can go directly to the LaramieCoMeterInspection_Form for a new entry or I can go to the Meter_Detail view and then select ‘Add’ under the reference column. In either case, the referenced meter for an inspection is defaulted to the meter I selected on the map.
I also have a table of PermitStatus - referenced to LaramieCoMeterInspections (Many-to-Many relation). And my Meter table has a virtual column that references the Permit entries by having a column in the Meter table that is [Permit_Status_Keys] via a select statement.
The challenge I have encountered is when entering a new LaramieCoMeterInspection the reference to the meter is already set, however I would also like to set the reference(s) to the Permit table. I initially approached this via an action along with a workflow rule as follows:

Unfortunately I am not getting the desired result. I was hoping that someone might be able to provide some insight with this. I am almost thinking that maybe I have my action or workflow setup in the wrong order. I have looked at this, but was not able to get it replicated for a many-to-many setup.