Create multiple rows in other table Based on a change in the current table

Hello guys :wave:

I have a problem and I searched for it a lot but couldn’t find a solution

I have 4 table
first table covenant

second table employees


third table management

Fourth table tasks

And I have 3 action in Management table
action 1

action 2

action 3

What I want is in the management table
When I change an employee in management table to other employee
the actions Create records in tasks table based on all records in covenant table belong to the employee not only one record

I was able to create only one record with your help, but I could not create all the records that belong to the employee

I have asked more than one question, but the solutions are only creating one record and not all records

I hope to find a solution with your help

Thank you for your time and effort

Any help guys

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I cant find similar to my problem
I just need Expression in covenant id in action change to other employee it always Returns with one record not all the records

And the expression for condition in the action

Thanks Steve for helping me

I only need how can write the condition in the action
Only if this condition is true

any help?

You certainly seemed to have provided enough information about your app setup. But for the life of me, I have no idea what you’re asking for help on. Did you thoroughly read up on the threads from Steve’s linked search? Perhaps you can describe your issue a bit more concisely.

Thank you very much, I found the solution, it was easier than I expected, I worked hard until I found it with the help of this community, especially Steve
Thank you again and thank you Steve :rose: