Create multiple rows in the same table from 1 form view

we have an inventory app that allows users to place internal orders for supplies that we then ship to clients. the ‘order supplies’ view uses the form view and has 2 drop down lists, clients and products among other fields, completing the form adds a single row that acts as an order to the sales table.

due to this setup each order can only contain 1 type of product, the user can modify the quantity, but if a client needs 2 or more kinds of products ordered at the same time, they need to be done as separate submissions on the form.

is there a way to build this where the form can select a single client and multiple products without having to add products into more columns and instead create more rows upon form submission?

I don’t believe this is possible.

Also, I tried to modify the sample shared here and couldn’t get it to work. There is an error that contains this not so helpful message:
Error: 'Add Row' Data action 'CopyLineItem' failed with exception Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute. .",

@Aleksi may have suggestions.

It is possible, but you’ll need a new table that acts as a child table to the order supplies. Each child is a line item of different products. To do it in the same table would probably require some separate actions grouped together.

Hmm… something has broken my sample app! It use to create new child records for each item in the parent ENUM. This IS possible, and was working for myself and many other users who’ve used this sample app.

The app hasn’t been edited in months and was working fine. Maybe it was affected by a platform update. I’ll work on it later and see if I can get it working again.

Same thing?

Sounds like it could be related. This is also an app that hasn’t been edited and just stopped working- with a feature related to ENUMLISTs.

@Steve, thanks for pointing this out last week. I did some digging today and found the cause. More info here:

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