Create new table records from slice rows?

I have built a basic app with 4 related tables populated with sample data for my project.
I have a slice which pulls random records from one table using a row condition checking a numeric table row against a random number generated by the slice.
This all works fantastic, as I hadn’t been able to find app tools like this that provide such functionality!
My problem now is that I want to save the slice records into another table for future reference.
Can I simply append the results of the slice, each time it’s opened/refreshed, into a different table?
Thanks, Colin.

We don’t have an action that creates a new row. It is probably the most requested feature. I have promised for a while that it is coming soon. I hope we will keep that promise this summer.

Thankyou for your prompt reply!
Ok, I will keep an eye out for that later.
Is there some workaround with other wizardry that might allow this for now?
Cheers, Colin.

yes, check — you can use the REST API and a workflow rule to achieve this. But this is more complicated (and expensive, since the REST API needs a business subscription). So it might be what you need depending on your scenario and the importance of your app.

Thank you so much. I will have a deeper look thru some other data handling action topics to see what I can achieve!
Cheers, Colin.

Hello again!
Any update on the ability to save slice rows into another table?
Merry Christmas!
Cheers, Colin.

Hi @CondoColin!

It’s a bit late, but here’s a little stocking stuffer for you:


Thank you!
Looks like it will do my job, just need to learn the finer points of implementing it.