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Hello all, new to appsheet and I’m trying to create a task list. What I’m getting stuck on is, I need a task to be daily. So I don’t have to imput a new task every day, I want it to automaticaly create a new row with that task.

So far I have created an BOT that on the event scheduled daily at 6 am local time, it performs the action “Data: add new row to another table using values from this row” and I have filled in all the columns with what I need them to be, but when I wake up in the morning at 7 am, they are not there.

I NEED HELP!! lol thank you for reading this.

This sounds right. First I would check the Monitor (button on the Bot window - see image) for any reported errors. That might give you a clue to any possible issues.

If nothing comes from that, then we just need to see the details of how you have implemented this Bot. Images are best.

One common thing that occurs in Scheduled Bots, is a Process is created WITHOUT specifying a Table to operate on. This is not apparent from the main Bot editor window. To check this go to the Processes tab, find the Bot’s Process and open it. Check that the correct Table is set…it should match the TAble you are trying to add the row into. See second image.


Check for Table in Process

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I have checked the monitor, and it is saying that the bot is being run correctly. but it is not showing up on my table.

and when I run “test” it shows up correctly. but it does not trigger when it hits the event time.

I see that your app is not deployed, as far as i know scheduled bots do not run on undeployed apps.


well that would explain alot.

Yes, I should have thought of that!!! Good catch!


It worked ! thank you for your help

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Be aware that with your app deployed, you may be subject to license fees.

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