Create ref_rows based on enumlist

Hi, I have a table with Cars and names of drivers who can drive it (simplified example). The Driver are picked from a a reference list on a separate table used as Enumlist in the app, hence multiple people can be drivers of a certain car.

I would like to create a reference where I can see what cars the drivers can drive. I can only make the reference match work if there is one driver per car. Can you help me understand how I can use certain part of the string to make the reference matching. I am by no mean a coder (as you probably can tell…)

Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 18.48.12 !

You won’t be able to use REF_ROWS for this. REF_ROWS expects a simple equality between values. You can use FILTER(...,IN() ) to get a list of row references that you’re looking for in this case. This will give most of the same functionality as REF_ROWS.

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Thanks for the tip, will that be visible in a similar way in the UI as well or do you know how that could work?

This article might help

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Boom, this looks very similar to what I am trying to achieve. Thank you so much for the tip

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