Create Reports, Downloadable as PDF or CSV & Viewable as Web Page Using Google Sheet's 'Publish' Feature

From Google Sheet menu

File>Publish to the web
Select a single sheet, or leave ‚Äėentire document‚Äô selected to convert all sheets to a web page, CSV, or PDF.

Choose CSV or PDF and the publish link will download a file.

Choose Web page and the publish link opens a view only-page of the selected table (or ‚Äėentire document‚Äô).

This could be used directly on the sheets containing your app data, or on a Pivot Table containing summary data to generate reports.

:warning:NOTE ON SECURITY::warning:
This method could expose all of your sheet data publicly. There is an option to require sign-in, but it is not checked by default.

Consider using a separate spreadsheet with IMPORTRANGE(), FILTER(), or QUERY() to isolate the data being published.

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That’s a pretty cool self serve data method of delivery. I dig it!

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@GreenFlux Thank you very much for sharing this.
Since IMPORTRANGE() and QUERY() needs long loading time, I recommend to create a new sheet for that. Not to use the sheet that your App is using.

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