Create/save .txt file

Is it possible to have a text-like cell saved as a .txt file

Unfortunately, you cannot save a file with the .txt extension directly. However, you can save a file as .csv and then you could rename it as .txt.

I dont think i explained good enough, i want to save a text file in the same folder at my pictures with the text i made in a ‘long text’ field like:

Picture: 123.jpg
Comment to picture: 123.txt

By “Save” I assume you mean saving from AppSheet. For example, take a picture from AppSheet app, enter a picture description and then Save the picture as a file and then save the description as a file.

Yes, you can do this but, as mentioned before, AppSheet does not provide the capability to save as a .txt file. I do not know why. You can use a Workflow to save the description into a .csv file, you can specify the name of the file to be saved and save it to the same folder where the image is placed.

I assume you have a need for usage of the description file outside of AppSheet? If not, then saving it in a file is not necessary. The description would be saved in the data sheet or database, along with the path to the image file you are using with the app.

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yes, that is exactly how i would like it to do and the reason


Uhhh, nope to what?

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