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New user here
I want to create a path in the menu ,where the user can login and create a new profile
and can add change or delete information to tables ,

considering that there is [no connection between the side menu] and the [tables] so you can edit the options…

Thank you very much, you are awesome!

You can create a separate table called “Profiles” and get your user to “log on” via the UserSettings Form by picking the key value off of the Profile Table.

I set UserSettings Form as accessible from a side menu, but you can access it via LINKTOFORM on any other view!

A column on UserSettings has to be a Ref type column referencing the Profile Table


can i do that in the free plan?

Free is possible via Publisher Pro. Just be sure not to ask for a user password. It is best not to ask for any personal information either.

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The free plan cannot be used with user logins, and attempting to implement your own login system is a violation of the terms of service, as I understand them. I would encourage you to contact with your questions.