Create UX entry fields without corresponding DB backing column

Q: Is it possible to have a UX text entry field without a backing column in a database?

I want the user to be able enter a weight in either LBS or KG. My design is to have a weight_value column, a weight_units column (constrained by ENUM) and a calculated weight_kg with a “Auto Compute > App formula” setting. All three columns would be present in the DB, to provide backing columns to the UX.

However, would it also be possible to have some kind of virtual (or similar) column (not DB backed) where weight_value and weight_units could be entered without the use of a corresponding DB column? Just want to make sure I am not missing something.

Virtual Columns are for auto-computation, they cannot be used for user entry fields. However, you can choose to use USERSETTINGS parameters for such a calculation. USERSETTINGS are mobile device specific, does not recorded to the DB back-end, stored in the mobile device’s cache and remain unchanged in the app unless the user explicitly chooses to change them. And you can read those values for your computation i.e.

USERSETTINGS("Weight_Units") * USERSETTINGS("Weight_Value")

You can read more about USERSETTINGS from here:

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In a word: nope.


Thanks for pointing me to USERSETTINGS.


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You’re welcome. Glad to be helped of.