Create view that Post info to 2 or more Tables

I’m trying to build an app to create and manage courses for my company.

The main data sources that I have are:

  • Office, where we dictate the course
  • Trainer, who gives the course
  • Course, list of courses we dictate

Now I want to activate a course (Active Course) which can have one or many sessions.

I’ll have 2 tables

  • Active Course, where I vincuate the Office, Trainer and Course
  • Active Course Sessions, where I register the date and time of each of the many sessions the active course will have

I have 2 tables because when I later vinculate the student to the Active Course I’ll create this relationship with only the first table.

The idea is that when I hit SAVE:

  • One row of data will be saved into Active Course
  • One or many rows of data will be saved into Active Course Sessions

At the same time in a single process.


Is it possible to create a view where I choose the first 3 options and at the same time add one or many rows for each of the sessions?

Or do I need to do this in two separated process?

Thanks for your time!