Creating a CheckList Form with templates


I’m trying to create an app similar to the Inspections app example. I have three template tables for creating a form template that the user can select when creating an actual form and it should automatically fetch the questions that need to be filled for this type of form & some other details. I’m having issues understanding how the relationships of these 6 tables should be defined & how the data will be connected & displayed in a checklist like view.

Right now, the FORM_TMP_MASTER table has the [Name] of the template and it will then have “category” items stored in the FORM_TMP_DETAILS table which then in turn have some Questions tied to them inside of the FORM_TMP_SUBDETAILS table. I’d love if when the user selects a template inside the FORM_MASTER form , it would fetch the category items & their associated questions and maybe break that down into tabs for the form just like in the sample app and then the user can answer them.

I realize that the sample app has the questions embedded in the master table so I don’t even know if its possible to do the same in this way. Let me know if more info is needed or/and if i’m going down the right path :slight_smile: . Thanks in advance.

Here’s the sheets copy of the db