Creating a child table using a virtual column

I have an Orders table and I have a Scheduled events table (linked to a Google calendar). Each order should have multiple scheduled events (e.g. order 1 will have dates scheduled for “intake”, “manufacturing”, and “shipping”).

Usually, the recipe I would use is:

  • create a real column in the events table. Make it type “ref” pointing to Orders table. Tick off " is apart of".
  • this automatically creates a virtual column in Orders.

But! The issue is: because Scheduled Events is a Google calendar, I can’t add arbitrary real columns. I’ve tried using some of the existing fields (like “event creator” and “web link”) as the ref field, but Google overwrites these values and the connection between the entry and its order is lost. I don’t want to use title and description for appsheet purposes, because these have specific values with specific meanings in my application.

So, I’d love a general answer:

  • can I make one table a child of another using a virtual column?

Or a specific answer:

  • how do I make a Google calendar table a child of another table without sacrificing fields like description and title?
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… how? Virtual columns require formulas. What’s the formula to get it to store the key for its parent?

Good question! How would you know which row is its parent?

I don’t really follow your question.

Typically, creating a real column of ref type + marking it as “part of” will automatically 1) alter the parent’s form to allow the user to add a child to it. 2) automatically populate that column with its parent’s key upon creation of a new row. If I create a virtual column with some made up formula, then change it to ref and “part of”, I can achieve the first, but AFAIK, not the second.