Creating a hyperlink to an uploaded image

I have a column in my orders table called drawings where the user can upload a drawing.)(jpg or pdf) This places an entry in the Drawing Column of connected Google Sheet e.g. Orders_Images/322d6b07.Drawing.101425.jpg and automatically adds the drawing to a folder in Google Drive.
I would like to allow the user to view the drawing in full size by e.g. using a hyperlink that when clicked will open the drawing to view. (This is for PC Users).
Is there a way to do this?

Where are you wanting to see the hyperlink? So are you wanting them to go to a table view and then be able to click to the image hyperlink? Or are you wanting it to show in the detail view of the record?

My apologies - I only saw your reply now.
I actually found the solution to view the drawing by clicking on the blue arrow icon clicking to move to a detailed view where there was an icon to view the drawing.
Thanks again for you reply.

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