Creating a hyperlink to Google Drive location of a folder

Hi, i have an inspections table with some info and an Inspection Photos table which the user can use to add images that are linked to the inspection table. Those images are stored in the folder with the default naming convention (Inspection Photos_Images) and each Image has a folder path of “Inspection Photos_Images/[Inspection Location]/[Inspection Date]/”.

My question is, is there any way I could create a hyperlink to each Inspection’s Photos folder on Google Drive or is the data encrypted etc.?

Optional question: The Inspection Date is translated into three subfolders in the form of “08/26/2020” instead of just one folder. Any way around this?

You could reformat the date with a TEXT() expression something like TEXT([Inspection Date],“MMDDYYYY”) which will result in only one subfolder instead of three with subfolder name as 08262020 for example.