Creating a list of equipment from referenenced rows

Hi All

Sorry if i am being stupid but here it goes.

I am trying to create a job sheet app for engineers that auto-fills the required equipment from the quote. I will try and explain more.

When the quote is created a list of equipment is added for the job - (Appsheet App)

When the quote is marked as won. It creates a job in the job sheet app - This is fine

What I can not get it to do is create the equipment list so in the quote we have

Equipment 1

Quote ID/Part Number/ Description/ QTY
QW12/4455 /rubber bands / 4

Equipment 2

Quote ID/Part Number/ Description/ QTY
QW12/4456 /A4 Paper / 2

and so on.

In the job sheet Iā€™m trying to put it into one list so


Quote ID/Part Number/ Description/ QTY

QW12/4455 /rubber bands / 4
QW12/4456 /A4 Paper / 2

I can get it so it is selectable with a select statement. But I would like it to auto-fill the job sheet out.

I tried doing this with a bot and task every time a quote is marked as won, but again get stuck at the autofill equipment.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Have you investigated references yet? If you can get it selectable inside a field, you can make that a reference and de-reference information from it.

Is that what you mean?