Creating a manufacturing order with a bill of materials and lot changes

(Eli) #1

Hi-I am trying to conceptualize a manufacturing order app/template.
I have an app that contains all of our raw materials as well as a list that defines the bill of materials (BOM) for each finished good.

The dream is that we plan production and and all of the relevant bill of materials for that production gets printed out; ultimately the print out will be used by the production staff as a guide for verifying the production process.

However, I am having trouble conceptualizing raw material lot changes

For example, how should I program the app to know when to represent a lot change? If the production calls for 100kg of Ingredient A. And Ingredient A is broken up into two lots, say one that has a total of 50kg and another that has a total off 200kg

I want the app to be able to pull 50kg from the first lot and 50kg from the second.

One roadblock I see is that the raw materials in question do not always equal 0.00 when finished. For some ingredients we portion them out and the received weight and [quantity in]-[quantity out] never matches up with the completion of a lot.

Any suggestions on how to set something like this up?