Creating a report on entire table

I have created a pdf with all the information I need for each record.
I want to send an email with with all the pdfs.
If I pick the row options I get an email for each record. I want one email with all the records, each an pdf page.
I assume I need to use the <<start and <>

What is the correct syntax?
**<<Start:Emergency Contact Information[WorkEmail]>>? Emergency contact information is the table and workEmail is the key.
the above does not work.
Also would I need to put a Page Break if I want a new page for every record?

Will each report be the same size? Does it fit on one page?

yes, it works perfectly if I chose “by row” for the report instead of the table option.
If I do that though, I get one email for each record.

Hi @llheath
Did you “create” (click on create) a template for your PDF. Appsheet will select your table and Id for you and you can adapt to suit.
If you Insert a page break before the “x” it should do individual pages for you. x is END

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