Creating a searchable database


I am looking to create an app for users to search a database of items with filters, tick boxes/dropdowns and location. Min/max values etc

I have imported my data and labelled columns appropriately but hoe to I create the initial search page for users? There could also be a browse faciiitiy to view all but primarily I want this as a searchable app.


Hello @EKJames
Please take a look at this sample app which has an advanced filtering feature (surely limited by the boundaries of the app data, but check the idea). Is that the functionality that you are looking for? You can copy this app from my portfolio and the app name is: Land Resource


I won’t hijack this thread, but Levent that example is AWESOME! :slight_smile: It’s got some amazing functionality that I’m definitely going to figure out how you did. :-))


@tobyinla be my guest :hugs: Glad to hear that you liked it.