Creating an Aggregate Chart Using Two Columns


We sent out a survey to our students about their preferences for classes in the fall. Student can choose to take GED or ESL classes, and they tell us whether they prefer to take classes online or in-person (or they can say no preference).

I’m trying to find a way to make a chart view that will display this data. I can make a chart that shows percentages for GED and ESL. I can also make a chart that shows percentages for online vs in-person.

I’m trying to see both at once. For example I would want to see that X number of students chose GED, and of those that chose GED X number of those wanted online, and X number wanted in-person.

I thought that the stacking columns could be a good way to display this data, but when I choose that option, the only column it allows me to add is the row number. I can create an aggregate donut chart, and that seems to sort-of-work. I can create a chart for GED vs ESL, and then click on one or the other to see the individual breakdown. But I’d like to see it all at once. If the donut chart would show two layers that would work well.

Is there a way I can define my own columns in the chart? Like say, “The first column in the chart will include all rows in which column X has a value of Y and in which Column A has a value of B” ? Or some other solution?

Thank you!