Creating an app that user's do not need to sign in to use

I need to be able to distribute an app that all employees of our company can use. We are currently using a business account and have many secure apps already create but all the things I see about public apps referred to publisher pro plans. I have no sensitive data in this app and it will purely be for collecting data to be stored and used elsewhere.

What is the question?

How do I create a public app that doesn’t require sign in?*

For me it sounds that you need to create new account with the Publisher Pro plan because you can’t create apps with two different plans with the same account. Though you can create an app with your existing account and set the option Security > Require Sing-in > Allow all signed-in users as ON. With this way it’s difficult to control license usage because whoever can open the app.

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We only need this app for a couple weeks as a way to allow our employs to confirm minor information(address and phone number) and answer a small questionnaire regarding unemployment information due to COVID-19 so that lack of controlling usage is not a big deal for our use case. This app will be deactivated once we have collected our necessary information.