Creating Desktop Shortcuts

Did you know you can create Chrome desktop shortcuts to AppSheet apps on your Mac? (Highlighting this tip from @tsuji_koichi)

Visit ‘More Tools’ > ‘Create Shortcut…’

Customize the shortcut name and ‘Create’.

Selecting ‘Open as Window’ will open your app as a standalone window!


Thanks Peter.

I got new toy to generate online tutorial (Iorad I made the story for “How to create desktop app with Chrome”

This is link to it. (When you see this link, turn on the audio. They use Amazon Polly API, text-to-audio. I just typed the description and texts for each page within tutorial, then Polly API automatically convert to audio. Try.)


That iorad tool is awesome!

Also, is there a way to share a desktop shortcut with others?

Yeah, I m now almost addicted to Iorad. For the new apps which I m currently working for my clients, I keep adding new tutorial contents to guide my user easy over the new apps.

What do you mean desktop short cut?

For appsheet app, I m placing each Iorad made web tutorials to the data fields with title, description, image etc. Once the user select the tutorial from the list, then it opens up iorad on the browser, that is integration i m currently doing between Appsheet and Iorad.

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