Creating enumlist from Google Sheet DIFFERENT Sheet


I’m trying to create a dynamic enum list by populating with data from Google Sheet. However, I am unable to get the data from Google Sheet’s 2nd sheet. I could only get the data from the 1st sheet. This is not which I wanted as I want to use 1st sheet to store data from user input.

The name of Google Sheet is: sample_condition_data. There are two sheets in it: Sheet1 (to store data), and townshiplist (where I stored data to populate enum).

If I were to pull data from the 1st sheet, I could simply write sample_condition_data[ColumnName]

But if I want to go to another sheet under sample_condition_data, how can I do it?

In general , you may have the enumlist by inserting an expression something like Table Name[Column Name] in valid _if of the column.

Please confirm if you have added “townshiplist” sheet as a table in AppSheet.

Table name in AppSheet is in general auto populated with your Google sheet name. So you will need to add tables from all individual sheets that you wish to use in the app from your Google spreadsheet one by one in AppSheet.


Thanks Suvrutt. I did not add townshiplist as a Table before - that’s where I was having difficulties.

But now that I have it, I can populate the enum list. But how can I hide that townshiptable to be visible in the app view?

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If you do not wish to have view(s) based on that table, you can simply delete it.


@Suvrutt_Gurjar have saved the day!


Hi @Suvrutt_Gurjar, I have another challenge now.

So I have decided to populate all the enum with data from Google Sheet instead of adding them each in the enum.

I have data in Google Sheet as below:

Option1 | Option2 | Option3
Option1.a Option2.a Option3.a
Option1.b Option2.b Option3.b
Option1.c Option2.c Option3.c

However, when I select Option1.a as selection, the following enum’s will not show the full list, instead, only the top most options are displayed.

How do I fix it?

Hi @Ye_Myat_Aung,

I am unsure if I understand what values you wish to display based on what condition. You may wish to elaborate that. Could you please add what values you are expecting to show after Option1. a is selected?

Also are Option 1 , Optio2 , Option3 three columns?

Based on your description so far, it sounds that you probably wish to have dependent dropdown behavior? If so, please take a look at following article and sample app.

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Independent dropdown is exactly what I needed :slight_smile:

However, it says it could significantly increase the sync time but do you know by how much on average?

I have about 4-5 enum with SELECT operator now.

Impact on Sync time may not be quantified easily. There are several factors that can impact sync time. But as per my understanding , if you have just handful of rows in an enum dropdown with SELECT() statements and handful of enums, it will not impact sync time in a large way. However this is just a general input. In general, please make yourself familiar with relevant concepts.

There are several articles and posts on sync time in community. Please search on “Sync”.