Creating Forms

Hello all!, Please help me to create a form in AppSheet which will be filled by the user.

Context: The form will capture the details of the customers who visited a meeting. So meeting info (like meeting location, meeting city) will be constant while there would be multiple customers attending one meeting.

Problem: I need to create this form where I can add multiple customer details to the same meeting. There could be a button in my form which would say ‘ADD ANOTHER CUSTOMER’

The best option could be a related table structure where the meeting is a parent record and all customers are child records. Please check this article how the relationship works.

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Thanks, does this mean I’ll have to create 2 tables : MEETINGS & CUSTOMERS?


After meeting details are filled, my google sheet needs to look like this–

1 table (Meetings). Imagine 5 customers attended a meeting. So there would be 5 rows with meeting info constant in all 5 rows while customer details should be different in every row.

How can I achieve this?

Yes you would need to hve two separate tables. Meetings and attendees (customers).

The Attendees table needs to have a Ref field where the attendee can choose the meeting. That structure will create an inline view for your meeting records. Then you can find out all your attendees per meeting easily.