Creating identical jobs for multiple locations picked from a pick list - is it possible please

I have an app whereby agents can record jobs that need to be actioned at their properties.
I have:-
a job sheet ,
a sheet listing various agents (the app knows which agent has logged in from their id,
a sheet containing site addresses - linked by ref to the relevant agent.
various other sheets for images, files, etc
generally each job is added individually in the app but i would like to build another feature that allows them to copy a job to multiple different addresses. for example if fire alarm testing is routinely needed at all of their sites, the agent could put in the job description once and then select all relevant addresses, these then need to be recorded as individual jobs ideally on the job sheet.
Is this possible?
or is there another way to achieve something similar please?
all help appreciated

This might be a workaround to achieve this. But you need to set a REF type ENUMLIST column for the site addresses, where the agent can select multiple site addresses. Then you can create a webhook workflow rule

where you need to construct a JSON body with the integration of a <<Start: >><<End>> expresson similar to this:

which will create a row for each selected site address in that ENUMLIST column

thank you , its very new to me but I will give it a try. Thank you for such a quick response.

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