Creating Keys with Appsheet

Good afternoon, everyone!

I’m using Appsheet to generate keys for my app. I have a a parent and child table I would like to make a reference with. When using UNIQUEID() in the parent table, a unique key is specified but the ref_row that I have established the relationship from the child table is assigned a different unique ID than the one created for the parent table. How do I create a ref_row from a child table but have the written key from the parent unique written to the child table so the reference stays the same?

Hi, do you mean that you would like to change the parent for the child?

After really looking over my data, I’m not sure what’s going wrong as it appears Appsheet is creating the same UNIQUEID() for both columns. There’s an issue with the reference (REF_ROWS) that I can’t seem to figure out.

They keys are matching between both tables yet I get a warning :warning: which tells me there is a reference error. If the Unique keys are created by Appsheet on my spreadsheet and the Ref_Rows is pointing to the correct column, what am I doing wrong?

Do you mean that you have the same key value in both tables… like in parent and child?

Yes. But there is some kind of weird reference that’s happening that I don’t understand as the references appear to be pointing in all the right directions.

What is your key in the child table? Is it the Ref field?

I had a Valid_If constraint in the wrong column :expressionless:… But I’m still having an issue. If I use the Valid_IF constraint, is there no way to leave the field as a text option, instead of a drop down so that users can input the data? If its spelled or typed incorrectly, I’d like an error to pop up instead of a list of attributes from the valid_if constraint.

Yes you can do that if you type the formula like AND(TRUE,“Your own validation”)

When I wrap my statement in AND(True, it returns with an error.

Condition AND(“TRUE”, AFFILIATES[AffiliateCode]) has an invalid structure: subexpressions must be Yes/No conditions

It needs to be TRUE, not “TRUE”. AFFILIATES[AffiliateCode] is not a validation… it’s just a list of values. What is your goal with the validation? What do you want to check?

I realized that after I posted and this seems to be working well. AND(TRUE,IN([AffiliateCode],Affiliates[AffiliateCode]))