Creating Multiple Emails

Good Day All,

Fairly new to AppSheet and needed some guidance on a particular problem. I am building on the Order Capture Sample App. I’ve managed to create the new order with the items the customer wants. A workflow is then created to send an email with the details and totals of the order.
I am now building a second part of the application, which once the order is confirmed by the customer, it creates multiple Purchase Orders to different vendors for the items listed (as we don’t stock any items, but acquire from different sources)

For instance:
Customer orders 3 items… When the order is created, I have a vendor field that references a Vendor Table, that specifies which vendor we will get the items from. The customer accepts the order and I need it to Generate POs to all vendors on that order. If the order contains multiple items from the same vendor, it needs to display on the same PO, which is where I am stuck.

I was thinking that I can create an Action “Generate PO” that allows the user to select the Vendor and then it matches all the items in the order with that vendor name and then generates the PO. Have no idea really on where to start with that, even if that’s not the best mothod.

Appreciate any assistance on this.


For the customer’s approval via email, you can read and refer to the Tips & Tricks within the below community thread:

The technique described or explained in the thread uses AppSheet API to update a record. You can use the similar technique to create multiple Purchase Order records.


Thanks I was able to get through with this.