Creating multiple row items in google sheets from app entry

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I’m really a novice and thanks already for your help. What i’m trying to do is the following:

I’m trying to use appsheets for simple order collection purposes. I’d like to input the order from the app and save it in sheets. I’ve got products as a list on the app. When i choose multiple products in the list, data is saved in one cell on the sheets. I’d like each product and quantity to be saved in a different row in sheets so i can use the cumulative data in pivot tables etc. Except the product name and quantity, rest of the information input is basically the same in each row for that customer.

I’m sure this information is available somewhere in the forum or documents but i wasn’t able to find it. Please direct me to the right direction.



One option is to use related table structure where the order is the parent record and then Items are child records. Please check this article how to do that.

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Hi @mckenzie
Have you had a look at the sample apps including the “Order Capture” App ?

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