Creating multiple rows in a table with elements of a list from an input form

I’m creating a project / task tracking app. Each project is broken down into a number of tasks. The user enter all the project tasks in a text input field separated by commas. When they click an action button, I want each task to be entered in the text input field as a separate row in a separate tasks sheet/table. Each task can thus be tracked separately with additional fields to indicate dates and status etc.
How do I accomplish this?

Any time you have a requirement to create “NN” rows of data and it’s not a fixed amount each time, you will need to consider using the AppSheet Rest API. The Rest API is part of our business subscription and not available on free or pro plans.

Here’s an example that addresses a different situation but still solves the basic idea of “create NN rows of data somewhere else in the app, based upon conditions in the current part of the app”:

This forum also has many good posts about the Rest API:

Hope this helps! -Ty