Creating Multitenant access for multiple user roles

How to Create Multitenant access levels for multiple user roles ? for example I am creating app for managing gated communities . each community will have n residents (some user and some admin ) . so seprate access between roles ?

also i want app to support multiple communities at a time . but how do i restrict admin/user of community A from accessing data of community B?

so i need both ability to hold multiple tenants + user seprations

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This I know partially real.challange is how do I seperate tenants of my app. Will access.control at top most entity will cascade automatically to child and grand child and so on ?

For example admin of community A will have equal rights as admin of community B .

But here I want to restrict Admin of community A to access data of that particular community only.

You’ll want to setup a table that associates the useremail to the community they have access to.

Columns minimum: Email          | Access Level | Community
        | Admin        | A, B, C
        | Admin        | B
        | Tenet        | A


You can then setup a security filter to filter out data not related to the user.