Creating picklist from google sheet column

New to the platform. Spent an hour poring over docs and here to find out how to create a select list populated by contents of a Sheet column. Field type: Enum List? List? and then a SELECT() formula? I’ve tried several things and can’t figure this out.

Links to sample apps are broken on at least one page that addresses this subject.

Thanks. Your link points to numerous docs, the one that appears to be closest is

This says the source column must be called “Source” and be an ENUM. But what type should the receiving field be? And how do i craft the selection? TableName[FieldName]? This doesn’t work.

If anyone can point me to a help doc / blog / youtube video that explains this with an example I’d really appreciate it. This is such a common requirement that I don’t understand why it’s so hard to find even one example. Thanks

I provided you with a list of existing help docs that have detailed explanations, written examples, sample apps, and even videos.

You gave a search term, “dropdown”. I appreciate that.