Credit Card Integration

I have an application, in which I need to using Credit card integration.
The idea is, I have some products, and I need the customers to select the product they like and then pay through the credit card…

Please could anyone explain that to me…

Thank you for the quick reply, my request is that I want to sell some items online… and I want my customers to pay using their credit cards…

Better to go to other solutions like Shopify or any other EC type of service instead of AppSheet.


Thank you, for replying to my question. Sir… am confused…AppSheet has not featured for using credit cards …is that means I can’t develop any customer services application…to sell any products,

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To be clear, AppSheet apps have no built-in method for handling credit cards or other means of payment.


Thank you for the reply, but Sir how to handle credit card, if I want to develop an application which uses that feature, is there any way commonly used in AppSheet, or any tip and trick