CRM component actions

I’ve been working on building out a true CRM using AppSheet. I feel like I’m heading in the right direction and have the bulk of the structure in place. However, I’m at the juncture of where the secret sauce comes in to play to create the intuitiveness and automation of the app.

One feature is to take the primary CRM view which should always only have one record per name. I want to look at who the name is and then bounce that back to the Activity Log to search for that value (the name) and then enter the most recent date of an action (call, visit, email, etc.). I can do it in my Google Sheets that I had build prior to building in AppSheet. How do I replicate that multi-step action in AppSheet? Here is what works in Google Sheets:

=max(index((A41=‘Activity Log’!$C$2:C)*‘Activity Log’!$A$2:A,)) (FORMULA used in the last contact column cells)

The next action would be to have the Activity Log highlight records IF the name has not been populated in the CRM view. Again, I can do this in Google Sheets successfully…here is the formula that works:

=isna(match(C2:C,indirect(“CRM!a2:a”),0)) (CONDITIONAL FORMATTING used in the activity logs sheet in the contact’s column cells)

Thank you!

@Steve, MAX()…I believe it works. Grateful! That’s a huge requirement to help support this as a potentially being a legitimate homegrown CRM.

I haven’t tried the second action, but will this be a simpler action that only involves caring something that is a true/false, and then color coding it if false?