CSV download not in sequence, can someone please help

The downlaoded CSV file is not in sequence, can someone please help me out

Please explain what sequence you are expecting. This could mean order they were seen in a view or sorted by some value in the rows or something else you have in mind.


In the app, the data is getting saved date wise.
But when i am trying to download with a action, it’s not in the sequence.

I have attached a image for your refrence.
Please let me know how can i resolve this issue.

I haven’t performed CSV download through Automation. I am unsure of any way to sort the rows before being placed into the CSV. Maybe someone else has an idea.

How are you using the CSV file? Can the rows be sorted by whatever process is importing the file?

I am confused by what you mean “the data is getting saved date wise”. My understanding of adding new rows in AppSheet is that it saves in _RowNumber order and you can changed how it is displayed in the app views by using an expression in the Valid_If or changing the sort order in views.

For example, if you add a date for today, it would be assigned the first row in your Google sheet. Then if you added a date for Monday next week, it would be assigned the second row in your Google sheet. Finally, if you added a third date that was tomorrow’s date, it would be assigned the third row in your Google sheet. Google sheet would not move the second row’s data down and insert the date for tomorrow between it, even though tomorrow’s date comes before the Monday of next week.

Thank you @Darmund & @WillowMobileSystems, the issue has been resolved.Thankyou for your response.

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It would be helpful to others to know how you resolved your issue!


No changes made to the app, just sorted the CSV file.

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Maybe someone found the solution for ordering rows in exported csv file? Sort view option doesn’t work :frowning: In my case I use an action to export CSV from special slice. In view, rows are in order but in exported CSV file rows are in random order.