Csv export not showing data only column

I created an action with linktofilteredview filter formula with ux type form and it contains 3 categories, from date, to date and unit.

and create an export csv action to download the data.

the results / data display is appropriate and appears. but when you want to export csv, the downloaded csv file only displays columns, not according to the data that appears in the filter results in the appsheet

please help, thx


I had a similar problem a while ago where I created a filter function UX with a slice that looked up to see if three different user defined pieces of data appeared in three columns of a table to filter the rows.

I found that by splitting the long expression in the slice (or in your case LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW) that was made up of 3 parts and creating a VC column in the table for each one seperately and then using a slice expression based on those VC columns I could get CSV download.

Let me know if you need me to dig out the example from an older verion of my app.