CSV Files from Slices

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Is it possible to download CSV Files, etc from slices?
Just checking it out because I’m meddling with some idea but am only seeing available tables.

How would I not download Certain Columns? or change the Column Order…

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Yes. You just have to press the CSV action button from a view based on the slice.


Hmm, Does this work on View Based on a reference?

I don’t know what you mean by a “view based on a reference”, but you should probably just try it to see.

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So lets say I have a ton of customers, each with access to the app to see there own inventory in stock in our warehouse. set up with security filters so they only see there own stuff.

Downloading a CSV on there end would only show there inventory?

Also on our end, We need to be able to download CSV files only for certain customers, but I cant go and make views for each and every single one. Each customers inventory is referenced from the customer name.

Wondering if possible to create a action, that brings something up where you can select a customer, and on save or maybe Evan a quick edit item that you can quick edit the customer currently viewing, and download the CSV for that customer only.

Let me know if you understand what I am getting at :smirk:

This is interesting.

Inspired by your post, I did some quick test to see how Appsheet is going to behaive.

My perception.

We create action to export data to CSV. Then attach this Action either 1) Table or 2) slice.
The view being generated out of Table or Slice with this actoin will download ENTIRE data from either slice or table down to CSV.

But my test showed it was not true.

Let me explain what I newly found.

Do the usual job to create action to export to CSV. We can attach whatever table or slice we want.

Then create view out of them. For instance, table, deck , gallery, whatsoever.

On your use case, we create the mechanism like this. From User table, such as table view with listed users, then by action (fired upon select) bringing to FILTEREDVIEW with that expression, we will be prompted to the table or slice where we will see the conditional view where we will find the selected row based on filteredview expression. Lets say, once selecting the one of the named user out of user list view, then we will see filtered view where we will see the rows associated with this selected users. We already attached action (export to csv) to this base view for this filtered view, so we will see the acitn button to export to CSV.

Hit this acion icon.

yes, we will download only the rows which was returned by the filteredview, not entire row out of table / slice.


In the action setting, Export CSV is said to be

“Export THIS VIEW to the CSV file”

The important point is “THIS VIEW” in this context.

Fireing export to csv action, Appsheet will look into the current view, regardless of whole table/slice or filtered view.

At the end, we wil export data only contains filtered view at the end.

Appsheet is amazing!!!


Recap this.

Yes, Appsheet-san. You are linguistically correct!
We export data not from entire table or slice, but from THIS VIEW as you said.

End of my test/trial to share the result with community.


I’m going to be completely honest, this isn’t a great explanation. Here is how I would explain it:

Within the View of the Slice, go to the Behavior section at the bottom. In there are built in Event Actions. You can select Export CSV there.

I don’t know why you would want to set your CSV Action from the Behavior > Event Actions section in a View’s configuration. This type of Action is not a row-level Action, but by setting it as the Row Select Action (or Swipe Right/Left if using a Deck), you’re making a confusing UI, since now it appears to be something to execute on a row by row basis.