Csv import Error

Hello Community!

Hope any can help me with the next Error Im getting from the action Import .csv

the Error I’m Getting:


*This is the structure of My table and Columns

*I followed Up the procedure and my CSV file is equal in Columns with the structure.

Hope Any one can give a Light Over here! Thank you in advance.


Hola Carlos, ese error aparece cuando cargas un archivo CSV que contiene una fila que tiene vacia una columna que tenes marcada como obligatoria.

Segun tu foto veo que es la columna “Serie datos”.

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Thank You @Rafael_ANEIC-PY , Now the action Works but no Information its uploaded. I’m using Csv UTF-8 format. It’s related to format on my Csv File?

Thanks for the help.

Try this one
Currently, [_RowNumber] field is set as “required”
Change it over not to be requried.
Then it should get through.

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Thank you Master Koichi-San! Problem Solved. Worked Great!